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The goal of the Honors Program is to provide an enriched educational program of study for academically talented and motivated students at Colorado State University. Honors students benefit from small, discussion-based seminars taught by some of the University's finest faculty members, personalized academic advising, priority enrollment, opportunities for leadership, research and community service, and special scholarships. Many Honors students choose to live in one of our Residential Learning Communities.


If this sounds like the sort of college experience you are searching for, then the University Honors Program could be for you!


The Honors Program is open to students in all majors and offers a flexible curriculum through two curricular options.

The State of Honors - Director Don Mykles

The Honors DirectorThe 2016-17 academic year is about to start. The Honors faculty and staff are truly excited to have our students back on campus. We will welcome a great class of 404 first-year students to the Honors Program. Dr. Temple Grandin, Professor of Animal Sciences, will speak August 17th at our Honors Welcome event. The following day, students will participate in community service projects around Fort Collins.
I also want to welcome eight new faculty who are teaching the new second-year Honors seminars: Chris Becker, Maite Correa, Kevin Foskin, John Kitchens, Dan McGrath, Nicole Vieira, Andrea Williams, and Sarah Zwick-Tapley. These instructors are joined by Honors faculty Ellen Brinks, Mark Brown, Gerry Callahan, Keith Jaggers, and Pam Vaughan-Knaus.
The strength of the Honors curriculum is the Honors seminars. This fall Honors faculty are teaching twenty-two HONR 192 sections, five HONR 292 sections, three HONR 293 sections, seven HONR 392 sections, three HONR 399 sections, and six HONR 492 sections. An exceptional and enthusiastic group of 46 peer mentors will lead the twenty-three HONR 192 recitation sections. About 216 students will be completing their Honors thesis in HONR 499 this fall.

On behalf of the Honors faculty and staff, I wish to you all a year filled with learning, personal growth, and adventure. Welcome back!

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