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The goal of the Honors Program is to provide an enriched educational program of study for academically talented and motivated students at Colorado State University. Honors students benefit from small, discussion-based seminars taught by some of the University's finest faculty members, personalized academic advising, priority enrollment, opportunities for leadership, research and community service, and special scholarships. Many Honors students choose to live in one of our Residential Learning Communities.


If this sounds like the sort of college experience you are searching for, then the University Honors Program could be for you!


The Honors Program is open to students in all majors and offers a flexible curriculum through two curricular options.

The State of Honors - Director Don Mykles

The Honors DirectorThere is a renewed excitement and energy as students return to campus after the long winter break. The students are settling back into their routine. Our first-year students navigated their first semester well and returned with renewed confidence, knowing that they did well in their classes; their average GPA last semester was 3.62. Our juniors are narrowing topics for their Senior Honors Thesis and identifying potential advisers in Pre-Thesis. Our seniors are wrapping up their Honors Theses and looking forward to graduation and moving on to new adventures. It’s great to have everyone back.

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